About this blog

The aim of this blogsite is to share ideas about the changes caused by digital transformation . Today it becomes possible to gather, share and integrate data from various sources along with a remarkable new capacity for data analysis and visualisation.  The consequences are transformative.  Data, algorithms to analyze data and data visualisation expand the opportunities for meaningful debate, dialogue and policy making in informed societies.

In an earlier publication, we summarized the basic trends in data analysis . The Internet is the societal operating system of the 21st century and its underlying infrastructure – the cloud computing model – represents a “disruptive” change.  A networked infrastructure, big data from disparate sources and predictive and social media analytics among other trends as the self-service model and collaboration are changing the way data analysis is deployed and used.


Since 2013, we published several articles regarding this topic on Slideshare (https:://www.slideshare.net/johblom).  These publications were often viewed and cited.  The content we published was among the top 4% of most viewed on Slideshare.  Our publications are still frequently visited and viewed by individual users as well as public and private institutions.




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